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Is drinking water important for your skin?

Updated: May 24, 2021

We’ve all heard the adage about drinking eight glasses of water a day – but how much water is necessary? And what can it do for our skin?

For starters, our body is about 60% water, and our skin specifically is around 64% water. From our brains to our hearts to our muscles, water is an essential component for keeping our organs functioning properly.

When we don’t drink enough water, we risk dehydration, which, if it becomes chronic, can lead to muscle damage or even kidney stones. Dehydration also changes the balance of minerals in the body, which can negatively impact our skin. Without proper hydration, skin loses its elasticity, resulting in the more prominent appearance of wrinkles, larger pores, and duller skin tone. Nobody wants that!

So how does drinking water actually benefit our skin? In a few vital ways:

• It helps reduce skin redness and brown spots. Thanks to water, toxins get flushed out of our body as our kidneys and other organs function normally.

• It can reduce facial puffiness and swelling. Swelling occurs when the body stores water to protect itself from becoming dehydrated.

• It decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Keeping skin hydrated helps increase elasticity and prevents the look of sagging skin, fine lines, and deeper wrinkles.

• It helps keep pores clear and blemish-free. Hydrated skin is less susceptible to irritation from external particles and blemishes from clogged pores.

Sounds great — but how much water should you drink?

• Depending on your sex, body mass and level of physical activity, recommendations range from eight to 16 glasses a day as a baseline. On days where you’re more physically active, sweating, or spending more time outdoors, your body may require more. When in doubt, hydrate!

• Since the body only absorbs a limited amount of water each hour, drinking water throughout the day, as opposed to gulping it once or twice a day, will be more effective in helping the body expel toxins.

Is there any other way to get hydration? Absolutely. Just because you’re drinking water and hydrating from the inside, doesn’t mean you can’t also hydrate from the outside. Because the water we drink may not necessarily reach the outermost layers of our skin, a topical moisturizer is an essential piece of skin health. As cosmetic surgeon Julius Few explained to Women’s Health magazine, “Moisturizing your skin both internally and externally is a critical combination for healthy, beautiful skin.” We agree!

Additional tip: To get the most out of your MultiVitamin moisturizer creams, aim to apply within a couple of minutes of getting out of the shower, when pores are open and absorption is optimal.


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