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Should you add a facial serum to your skin care routine?

Growing up, our parents probably taught us how to take care of our skin. If we were going outside, they told us to put sunscreen on. In our teens they told us to wash our faces to prevent acne and breakouts. By our 20s we understood the importance of moisturizing our skin. But then what? Beyond the basics of sunscreen, face-washing, and moisturizing, what else does your skin need?

As our skin care needs change over time, we may find that our skin requires a deeper level of hydration than moisturizer alone can provide. While a daily moisturizer works well on the outermost layer of skin, a facial serum can penetrate deeper to provide more hydration, stave off dryness, and improve skin’s overall look. A serum that contains antioxidants provides additional benefits for skin, as antioxidants work to protect skin from environmental damage.

What makes serums especially unique is that they’re composed of tinier molecules than lotions or moisturizers, allowing them to sink into the skin. This action also helps deliver a fuller concentration of their active ingredients.

A few benefits of using a facial serum:

  • Smaller molecules provide a deeper level of hydration than moisturizer alone.

  • Higher levels of concentrated active ingredients help deliver visible results more quickly.

  • More easily used by those with sensitive skin, as serums typically aren’t oily or greasy.


So, should you add a facial serum to your skin care routine?

The benefits speak for themselves.


And, serums are easy to use. After cleansing and toning skin, apply a light layer of serum. Freshly cleansed skin will allow for increased absorption. Using your fingertips, spread the serum evenly over the face. Target especially dry areas and the delicate under-eye area. In the morning, follow this with your daily moisturizer. In the evening, follow with a night cream.

Some serums may specify only day or night use. MultiV6 Multivitamin Serum can be used with both your morning and evening skin care routines. It is packed with powerhouse ingredients that absorb quickly to protect and hydrate skin. Now you know, now you glow!


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